“In dulci jubilo” (English/Latin, Pearsall)

Latin Phrases from “In dulci jubilo”

• Translated into English

in dulci jubilo = in sweet jubilation
in praesepio = in a manger
matris in gremio = in his mother’s lap
Alpha es et O! = Thou art Alpha and Omega! (beginning and end)
O Jesu, parvule = O tiny Jesus
O puer optime = O best of boys
O princeps gloriae = O Prince of Glory
Trahe me post te = Draw me after thee (make me follow you)
O patris caritas = O love of the Father
O nati lenitas = O gentleness of the Son
per nostra crimina = through our crimes
coelorum gaudia/caelorum gaudia = the joys of heaven
Ubi sunt gaudia = Where are joys?
nova cantica = new songs
in Regis curia = in the courts of the King

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